Mark Canada on Hiring an Architect

Why Hire an Architect?

An architect pays for his own way through the lot selection, design, construction documents, bidding and negotiation and construction phase of a custom residence project.

In each phase, an architect's input can save the owner money and/or add value to the project.

Many people still perceive architectural services to be a luxury ... an unnecessary added expense to construction. Unfortunately, this attitude is the primary culprit for Austin's lack of imaginative, stimulating and intelligent housing. [+]


why hire an architect selection phase construction document phase bidding phase construction phase

On Conserving Energy

"Designing and building a new residence, addition or remodel offers you a unique opportunity. A design that conserves energy ultimately translates to a faster and higher resale value. Incorporation of passive solar energy design techniques saves money during the life cycle of the building and creates value for the owner. Isn't it a wonder more homeowners and builders don't insist upon their use?"

Mark Canada